Big Data Security

All enterprise organizations are operating heterogeneous data environments with a mix of database types running on servers that may or may not be optimal for the load. Database administrators(DBAs) tasked with maintaining strict SLAs need to be mindful of performance sapping solutions. They also need to ensure that compliance and security requirements are met – preferably with a minimal amount of their time. With Imperva SecureSphere this is not an either-or situation. SecureSphere offers non-intrusive network monitoring appliances, lightweight agents, or a hybrid mix of the two. The solution does not require the DBA to install objects or alter the database configuration files or parameters in any way.

The SecureSphere advantages go even deeper; Imperva developed distinct agent models for Big Data and relational databases. The agent for relational databases is very lightweight with a typical overhead of 1%-3%(and can be capped). Differing significantly from native audit and legacy solutions that can impact disk I/O and server performance by 10%. SecureSphere achieves this high level of execution by a more efficient order-of-operations and the use of a flat-file audit log architecture optimized for writes. This model supports even the largest data warehouse environments and appliances.

Monitoring Big Data systems designed for extreme transaction speed and massive volumes requires a different model where the order of operations is shifted to take advantage of the Big Data environment itself. The distributed nature of the system minimizes performance overhead and ensures the audit process scales in parallel with the data lake.

  • Monitor all types of data stores: Big Data, Data Warehouses, Files, RDBMS, SharePoint and mainframe
  • Independently monitor for compliance and security purposes
  • Monitor local server access
  • Fraud identification
  • Data leak identification
  • Permanently collect and log relevant activities needed for governance and compliance, while monitoring activity more broadly for security
  • Faster deployment: centralized management with API for automation
  • Predictable planning: consistent database/gateway sizing
  • Reduced time and resource requirements: automation and built in subject matter expertise, reduce requirements for DBA’s, professional services, and manual or custom built processes
  • SecureSphere supports leading distributions from Cloudera, Hortonworks, IBM BigInsights MongoDB, Cassandra and Impala. More agent coverage is added each quarter, check with your Imperva representative for a complete list
  • Monitor all major databases on Unix, Linux and Windows systems
  • Specialized agents are available for monitoring or blocking DB2 and IMS on z/OS mainframes and for monitoring DB2/400 on iSeries platforms
  • File Coverage: local or global mode, Unix, Linux, zOS, NAS, and Windows systems
  • SharePoint content and database

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